Interview with Reiji Asakura

About Eilex PRISM™

“Eilex PRISM maximizes speaker performance in the matter of minutes. The result is amazing.

“I can clearly hear the delicate harmonics and sound decay of each instrument, just like in the real concerts.

“PRISM makes the sound ‘real’, even from cheap speakers.”


About Eilex Binaural (Headphone)

“Without Eilex Binaural, the sound of instruments seem to come directly from the sides. This makes me feel that I am standing among the players on the stage, which is absolutely the wrong sound image.

“Eilex Binaural brings the soundstage in front of me, so I feel as if I am listening to an actual performance in a concert hall.

“Moreover, Eilex Binaural’s custom EQ feature turns any headphones, even a inexpensive ones, into high-end headphones. This is magic.”