Eilex HD Remaster Receives 2018 Audio Masterpiece Award

AEX 2018 Special Award

Audio Accessories Magazine in Japan has awarded Eilex HD Remaster with its Special Award 2018 for audio excellence. This award is part of its annual Audio Meiki Awards, meaning “audio excellence” or “audio masterpiece.” This year, the magazine arranged a Special Award to recognize HD Remaster for its outstanding contribution to the audio world.

Eilex HD Remaster is a high definition audio process which brings standard-definition audio as close as possible to how it would sound if it were true HD. Upsampling audio to high definition alone does not improve the sound. A smart process is required in order to generate the details and harmonics which would have been recorded if the original material were HD. This is where Eilex HD Remaster comes in.

High definition information added by Eilex HD Remaster is based on the existing audio (while noise is ignored). By carefully adding only meaningful data, Eilex HD Remaster achieves the smooth texture and natural character we have come to expect from HD audio.

For more information, visit the Eilex HD Remaster page on our website.