Audio tools with unmatched precision and accuracy.

Eilex International, LLC

Eilex International is an audio technology development and licensing company in Orange County, California. Originally founded in 1981 as a home theater company, Eilex today focuses on its revolutionary PRISM™ technology, a combination of our unique Acoustic Power Volume Density measurement algorithm and VIR™ Filter.


Eilex’s flagship audio technology. Eilex PRISM™ equalizes acoustic power volume density frequency response and corrects time and phase alignment errors of a speaker system.

VIR Filter

The best audio filter technology in the world. VIR Filter™ is a newly developed, high-performance filter for audio.


Eilex’s Binaural process converts audio sources intended for stereo speakers into binauralized materials ideal for headphones and earphones — all in real time.

HD Remaster

Eilex HD Remaster takes up-converted audio materials and makes them true Hi-Res audio materials by adding crucial missing harmonics.

More Eilex Technologies

Eilex provides a whole family of audio processes in addition the the four listed above, including Eilex PRISM 3D Sound, Eilex Harmony, Eilex Focus, Eilex PRISM Auto-Bass, Eilex PRISM Auto-Volume, and Eilex PRISM Dialogue.


“Eilex PRISM maximizes speaker performance in the matter of minutes. The result is amazing.”

—Mr. Reiji Asakura

Nick Farmakalidis

“The equalization process is very fast. The result was great, and I could hear the difference right away.”

—Nicolas Farmakalidis