Automotive Audio Solutions

Eilex offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for car audio, from general tuning and EQ to highly specialized processes for sound optimization.

Why Eilex PRISM?


Measurements of car interiors made with Eilex PRISM are objective and repeatable, and can be done by a single member of your team.


Tuning your system with Eilex PRISM Composer tool is fast yet taccurate.


Eilex PRISM runs on a small fraction of the MIPS that similar processes require, saving on hardware costs.


Eilex PRISM for Automotive

At the center of the Eilex technology suite is PRISM: the ultimate EQ solution for car audio. More than just an equalizer, Eilex PRISM handles both measurement and tuning through the PRISM Composer software.

PRISM Composer first uses unique APVD technology to create an objective measurement of a car’s interior.

Then, using the intuitive graphical interface, a single person can tune the car’s sound using its real-time audition feature. Hear results live and export your solution in minutes.

Unique APVD Technology

Car interiors are very challenging sound environments to measure. Eilex PRISM’s APVD technology gives it a distinct advantage over other solutions when it comes to cars.

Eilex PRISM measures Acoustic Power Volume Density (APVD), the most accurate way to measure and calculate the distribution of sound energy in a car interior. Measuring APVD means that Eilex PRISM requires only a single microphone moved throughout the cabin to take in hundreds of measurements in a couple minutes. No special apparatus is needed, and the result is the same — or better — compared to other solutions.

Additional solutions

Eilex provides even more solutions for car audio: