HD Remaster

True High Resolution Remastering

Eilex HD Remaster converts up-sampled audio sources to true Hi-Res audio in real time.

Other similar processes fall short

Conventional high resolution processes just up-sample the source and place the new sample points along the predicted curve. This does not contribute any sound improvement.

Even worse, there are some processes that add random noise in the ultrasonics.

Superior Eilex Approach

Eilex HD Remaster generates meaningful, realistic high-frequency harmonics that contribute to the detail, warmth, and nuance of the source.

Any device that uses Eilex HD Remaster can state that its sound is true high definition audio.

Hardware benefits

Eilex HD Remaster is extremely lightweight, so it is ideal for situations where computation or battery power are limited.


In addition to general application:

  • Streaming
  • TWS
  • Home Theater