Eilex Headphone

Binaural audio done right

The Eilex Headphone process is an advanced headphone signal processing algorithm designed to address the inherent disadvantages of headphones and earphones compared to speakers.

By converting regular stereo materials into binaural audio in real-time, the Eilex Binaural processes make headphone sound more like listening to reference monitor speakers.

The Problem with Headphones

Headphones and earphones produce an artificial sound image. With headphones, each ear hears only one channel. In the real world (or when listening to speakers) sound travels to both ears, and your brain creates the spatial experience based on tiny differences between left and right.

The Solution: Convert Standard Stereo to Binaural in Real-Time

Eilex’ headphone processes add the natural, subtle differences between the left and right channels that create the illusion of real-life sound in headphones:

  • Cross-feed — Signal from both channels is distributed to both ears
  • HRTF — Tiny but crucial timing and frequency changes are made to the L and R channels to simulate real-world sound

Benefits for End Users

  • Enhanced Realism: Music lovers will appreciate the superior realism and presence of music experienced through Eilex Headphone processes.
  • Reduced Listener Fatigue: The technology is designed to minimize fatigue for listeners, making it more comfortable to enjoy extended audio sessions without discomfort.
  • Broad Compatibility: Eilex Binaural is applicable to all types and brands of headphones and earphones, ensuring that users can enjoy improved audio quality regardless of their specific audio equipment.


  • Binauralize Standard Stereo Source in Real-Time: Converts stereo audio into binaural audio instantly.
  • Natural Headphone/Earphone Sound: Ensures the audio sounds natural when played through headphones or earphones.
  • Proprietary HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function): Utilizes a unique HRTF to enhance the spatial characteristics of audio.
  • Precise VIR Filtering: Eilex Headphone process leverages the extreme precision of VIR Filter technology.
  • Minimum Fatigue for Extended Listening: Designed to reduce listener fatigue over long periods.
  • Applicable on All Headphones/Earphones: Compatible with various types and brands of headphones and earphones.
  • Preservation of Tone Character: Maintains the tonal characteristics of the headphones or earphones.
  • Proprietary APVD (Acoustic Power Volume Density) Measurements: Utilizes advanced measurements for improved audio reproduction.
  • Hi-Res Audio Compatibility: Supports high-resolution audio formats.