Eilex PRISM® Rise

For Down-Firing TV Speakers

  • Lifts the sound image of down-firing speakers to the picture level
  • Eilex Split-Diffuse-Field™ technology for wide sweet-spot and holographic effect
  • Unique HRTF(1) to lift the sound image
  • Consistent dialogue(2)
  • APVD (Acoustic Power Volume Density) equalization by Eilex PRISM®
  • Suitable for TVs and soundbars

Modern TVs have down-firing speakers. Without advanced processing, the listener can clearly hear the sound originating from below the screen. Eilex PRISM Rise™ restores a proper sound image by raising it to the TV’s screen height.

PRISM Rise™ consists of Eilex PRISM® APVD (Acoustic Power Volume Density) equalizer and the Rise process. While the Rise process lifts the sound image to the picture height, Eilex PRISM equalizes the system’s APVD to flat as is in the natural world. Eilex PRISM does the job of optimizing the speaker’s clarity, while Rise does the work of lifting the sound stage to match the TV’s picture. (For more details on Eilex PRISM® please see the white paper.)

The Rise process itself is comprised of a 3D process, Split-Diffuse-Field (SDF) sound diffuser and HRTF filter. The 3D process creates more width and depth in the stereo image (level and phase differences) of the source material. SDF uses a diffused sound field to enlarge the sweet spot and produce a holographic effect with dialogue and center vocals.

Eilex PRISM Rise™ requires only standard 2-channel audio to work.

Eilex PRISM Rise™ OFF: the sound is projected downward from the TV speakers — and that’s what it sounds like.
Eilex PRISM Rise™ ON: the sound now seems to the listener as if it is coming from the TV picture area.


  1. HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function) is the frequency response of the sound which reaches the human ear from the particular direction.
  2. “Dialogue” means speech, announcement or center vocal.