Eilex V-Bass

Eilex V-Bass generates a psychoacoustic effect creating the perception of bass from the speaker without actually reproducing bass below 100 Hz. The frequency range below 100 Hz, typically called bass, is a critical element for the enjoyment of music and movies. Audio systems with smaller speakers, such as BT speakers or TVs, often lack bass. Small audio systems which can deliver the perception of bass have a huge advantage in the market.

It is common knowledge that we tend to hear bass by its harmonics even though the fundamentals are missing. Some consumer audio systems in the past have utilized so-called “virtual bass.” However, these processes often did not work as expected, exhibiting annoying artifacts in the mid-lows and creating no virtual-bass effect at low volume. That was caused by improper process arrangements including crude harmonic generation and uncontrolled electronic/mechanical saturation.

Eilex V-Bass solves such issues avoiding distortions and minimizing the change of tonal characters. It creates a consistent effect regardless of the volume level.