Eilex VoluMax3

Dynamic Range Compressor/Limiter

  • Maximize the Loudness of Miniature Speakers (Mobile Phones, Laptops)
  • Maximize the Loudness of Outdoor Use BT Speakers
  • Boost the Low Level Sound While Holding the Loud Sound
  • 3-Band DRC
  • Limiter Protects Speakers

Eilex Volumax3 maximizes the loudness of miniature speakers (such as mobile phones and notebook PC) while protecting them from damage.

Eilex Volumax3 is a DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) using 3-band compressor and limiter. Normally, compressor-based AGC (Automatic Gain Control) or DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) has a relatively larger process size which prohibits application to consumer products. By optimizing the process to mere 15MIPS @48KHz, Eilex Volumax3’s process is small enough for implementation in consumer products.

Eilex Volumax3 is effective for increasing the maximum volume level of miniature speakers where louder sound is desired, such as personal audio and laptop PC, even some dynamic range is sacrificed.

Eilex Volumax3 works well on BT speakers, especially when used in outdoors.

Eilex Volumax3 lets users to watch programs at a consistent volume level by automatically reducing the loud sound and boosting the soft sound, without frequently adjusting the volume control.

It is ideal to use Eilex PRISM “Acoustic Power Volume Density Equalization” combined with Eilex Volumax3. It is important for the system to have a flat acoustic power frequency response, as in the natural world, when applying Eilex Volumax3. Eilex PRISM equalization helps to achieve ideal acoustic power frequency response.

Actual Operation of Eilex Volumax3

The following two pictures show the actual operation of Eilex Volumax3. Fig. 1 is a 0 to 100% white noise linear fade-in. Fig. 2 shows the result of Eilex Volumax3 applied on the fade-in of Fig. 1. The gain increases rapidly at the low signal (left-end) and slowly at the higher levels.

Eilex Volumax3 has more than 3dB headroom to avoid saturation caused by the spikes at the strong attacks. In the figure, the larger spikes are safely detained right before saturation.

(Note: Although the spikes can be removed by shortening the attack time, they are left intentionally. Otherwise, the transient response degrades and the sound quality suffers.)

Fig. 1 White Noise Fade-in
Fig. 1 White Noise Fade-in
Fig. 2 White Noise Fade-in, Eilex Volumax3 Applied
Fig. 2 White Noise Fade-in, Eilex Volumax3 Applied

Figs. 3 and 4 show close-ups of the left-end of Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 respectively. We are looking at the range of -15dB and -40dB. With Eilex Volumax3 applied (Fig. 4) we see a much steeper slope indicating that the weaker signals get larger boosts.

Fig. 3 Close-up of Fig. 1 Left-end
Fig. 3 Close-up of Fig. 1 Left-end
Fig. 4 Close-up of Fig. 2 Left-end
Fig. 4 Close-up of Fig. 2 Left-end

Eilex Volumax3 instantly responds to any changes of input signals, and its operation is very stable. The release time of the compressor is set relatively short. There is no noticeable breathing or pumping because the compression recovers instantly when it becomes unnecessary.

The following pictures show the performance of Eilex Volumax3 applied to some music sources. Fig. 5 is the waveforms of “Hotel California” by The Eagles, which got a limiter at 0dB (0.01dB to be exact and virtually saturated). Any boost to this material will cause a heavy saturation. DRC is the only way to add a further boost. Fig. 6 shows the result of Eilex Volumax3 process which greatly amplifies the low level signals while holding the high level signals.

Fig. 5 Original
Fig. 5 Original
Fig. 6 Eilex Volumax3 Processed
Fig. 6 Eilex Volumax3 Processed

Fig. 7 is the whole waveform of “Gallop” and Fig. 9 is “Chinese Drums”. Fig. 8 and 10 are the results of Eilex Volumax3 process showing loud (larger amplitude) parts are compressed while softer (smaller amplitude) parts are amplified to reduce the dynamic range. The reproduced sound is louder and more consistent than the originals. However, the musicality is kept at an adequate level.

Fig. 7 'Gallop' Original
Fig. 7 “Gallop” Original
Fig. 8 'Gallop' with Eilex Volumax3
Fig. 8 “Gallop” with Eilex Volumax3
Fig. 9 'Chinese Drums' Original
Fig. 9 “Chinese Drums” Original
Fig. 10 'Chinese Drums' with Eilex Volumax3
Fig. 10 “Chinese Drums” with Eilex Volumax3