A Fresh Approach to Car Audio Tuning: Eilex PRISM™ Integrated in Alpine’s OPTIM™8

A Fresh Approach to Car Audio Tuning: Eilex PRISM™ Integrated in Alpine’s OPTIM™8

Alpine (Alps Alpine North America, Inc.) have announced their new OPTIM™8 8-Channel Sound Processor and Amplifier with Automatic Sound Tuning. A highlighted feature of this new product is the Auto-EQ technology powered by Eilex PRISM. This integration brings together the capabilities of these innovative tools to deliver enhanced sound clarity and precision.

Eilex PRISM: Raising the Bar for Car Audio

Eilex PRISM™ technology presents a fresh approach to perfecting car audio. It measures and equalizes Acoustic Power Volume Density (APVD) frequency response, simultaneously correcting time and phase alignment errors in speaker systems. The technology aims to ensure that the output sound is as close as possible to the original source, offering remarkable musicality and intelligibility. Key benefits of Eilex PRISM™ include:

Dependable measurement results, independent of operator or environment. Flexibility in terms of speaker layout and acoustic situations. Fast measurement and tuning process.

A User-Friendly Approach to Tuning

Alpine’s Auto-EQ, powered by Eilex PRISM™, simplifies the sound tuning process. It provides on-screen instructions, using either an iPhone app or PC app, so the user can easily make a precise measurement of the car’s system.

One of the features of Eilex PRISM is its resilience to irregularities and human error in making measurements. During the measurement process, the user moves the microphone (or iPhone) throughout the car’s cabin, capturing hundreds of measurement points. The Auto-EQ process is intelligent enough to ignore outlier information. The result is a consistent and highly objective analysis of the car’s system every time, even when different users make the measurement.

After measurement, the app’s graphical tuning interface provides real-time results so that users can quickly and intuitively perfect their system’s audio. The interface is far more flexible than a traditional EQ; the user is not restricted to moving sliders up and down. The interface powered by Eilex PRISM allows the user to place control points exactly where they want them across the audio spectrum. Getting the exact sound you want is as easy as clicking and dragging.

Versatility of Eilex PRISM

This integration of Eilex PRISM into car audio is a demonstration of the software’s flexibility and versatility. A car cabin is a unique and often difficult environment in which to produce good sound, but Eilex PRISM was up to the challenge. With use cases for TVs, headphones/earphones, high end audio, and now for automotive sound, Eilex PRISM is a nearly universal solution for getting the best sound out of any given system.