Hisense Japan uses Eilex PRISM, Focus, Dialogue, Auto-Volume, and SoundSpace in 4K TVs

Hisense 4K UHDTV Eilex PRISM

Hisense Japan has announced the release of the new 65S6E and 58S6E models of their 4K UHD TV line — which utilize Eilex PRISM® and VIR Filter® technologies. These TV models also feature Eilex’ Focus, Dialogue, Auto-Volume, and SoundSpace processes for an outstanding sound experience whether the user is watching a movie or listening to music.

Eilex PRISM is the foundation for superior audio quality in a TV. This cutting-edge audio technology equalizes the sound energy throughout the entire frontal space of the TV. This eliminates inconsistencies in sound energy across the audio spectrum, bringing the TV’s sound as close to optimal as possible. This is made possible by Eilex’ VIR Filter, a modern audio filter which surpasses the limitations of IIR and FIR filters.

Hisense has further enhanced the performance of these TV models with a suite of Eilex audio processes. They have deployed Eilex Focus to recover harmonics lost in the compressed audio formats commonly used (especially for streaming). Eilex’ SoundSpace technology raises and widens the sound image from the speakers to match the height and width of the screen. Eilex PRISM Dialogue optimizes dialogue in movies for clarity and intelligibility. Finally, Eilex Auto-Volume performs intelligent dynamic range compression to eliminate the need for end users to adjust the TV’s volume even when the content changes.

Hisense has published further explanations of the benefits of Eilex’ technologies on their website.