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Industry leaders choose Eilex PRISM for its ease of deployment and superior results

Eilex PRISM is a revolutionary EQ solution that has become the choice of a growing number of top brands in recent years. Our highly efficient and precise technology enables unparalleled sound clarity and quality across a wide range of products, from high-end audio systems and TVs to portable devices and car audio. With its automated measurement process, real-time audition tuning, and advanced VIR Filter® Technology, Eilex PRISM empowers audio device manufacturers, TV makers, and automotive companies to achieve peak audio performance faster than ever before. On this page, you’ll discover a selection of industry leaders who have chosen Eilex technologies to power their products.

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Eilex for TVs

Eilex has had its roots in home theater since the 1980s. Although home theater has changed much since then, Eilex technologies have kept pace. Eilex PRISM and accompanying solutions are ideal for the challenges faced by TV makers: using cost-effective speakers in a very thin and crowded chassis to create captivating cinematic audio.

Eilex for Headphones

Headphone audio has become increasingly important with the expanding use of mobile devices for listening to all types of content. Eilex’s suite of headphone and earphone processes are designed to overcome the inherent limitations of headphones and earphones, and are power-efficient enough for use in TWS.

Eilex for Automotive

Car interiors are among the most challenging audio environments, both for measurement and for good sound reproduction. Eilex and its unique APVD equalization provide a solution that makes accurate measurements and outstanding results fast and easy.