Eilex PRISM Dialogue

Dialogue Enhancer for TV Applications

  • Natural and High Intelligibility Dialogue
  • Solid Center Localization by Psycho-Acoustic Process
  • Maintains the Correct Stereo Image
  • Suitable for TV with Down-firing Speakers
  • Proprietary HRTF Improves Vocal Intelligibility
  • Lift the dialogue to the TV picture level

The latest design-oriented flat-panel TVs have down-firing, side-firing or even back-firing speakers—very different from the ideal front-firing layout. Naturally, the acoustic condition of these configurations is inferior and the sound quality is poor. The intelligibility of speech is especially deteriorated. Since speech is the most important part of TV audio, inferior speech intelligibility may damage the value of the TV. Eilex PRISM Dialogue dramatically improves the clarity and intelligibility of speech.

PRISM Dialogue consists of the PRISM Acoustic Power Volume Density equalizer and the Dialogue Process. It has been developed based on current psycho-acoustic science and the latest digital audio processing technologies.

The psycho-acoustic technique applied to the Dialogue process suppresses the uncontrolled stereo image caused by the abnormal speaker settings, while enhancing the dialogue.

It is essential to have a flat acoustic power frequency response, as in the natural world, when applying the Dialogue process. PRISM equalization achieves ideal acoustic power frequency response. (Note: See PRISM white paper for more details of PRISM technology.) Proprietary HRTF is used to achieve ideal frequency response, maximizing speech intelligibility. It also raises the sound image to picture level; otherwise voices are heard from below the picture. The HRTF process is executed by a VIR filter which provides maximum precision and accuracy.