Sharp Side-bar System

Sharp Side-bar System

Sharp Corporation released a Side-bar Theater System “HT-SP1000” on December 3, 2015. They system employs Eilex PRISM® (Acoustic Power volume Density measurement and equalization), VIR Filter® (Variable-resolution Impulse Response filter), Eilex Harmony™ (restores digitally compressed lossy audio) and Eilex HD Remaster™ (Hi-Res audio converter) technologies.

Eilex International, LLC developed world’s first acoustic power volume density measurement and equalization technology, Eilex PRISM.

Eilex PRISM uses proprietary VIR Filter to realize the equalizer. VIR Filter boasts high resolution and high efficiency. It outperforms conventional FIR and IIR filters in every aspect, running at exceptionally small MIPS.

Eilex HD Remaster generates multiple even-order harmonics from the up-sampled audio sources extending the higher frequency response. It requires only a small MIPS and works in real-time.

Eilex Harmony effectively generates both even and odd-order harmonics to compensate the lost harmonics in the lossy-compression digital audio sources.

Sharp’s Hi-Res speaker system HT-SP100 employs the above technologies to improve its audio performance.