Eilex Auto-Volume

Dynamic Range Compressor

  • Reduce Volume Level of CM
  • Increase Very Low Level Sound to Audible Level
  • Increased Maximum Volume
  • Suitable for Small Audio System and TV

Eilex PRISM Auto-Volume maintains any desired volume level for TV viewing, attenuating loud commercials and avoiding the need for volume adjustment between programs. Loud action sequences in movies and TV dramas are controlled while whispering conversations are amplified to provide consistent loudness—all without losing the artist’s intentions. The difference between the levels of TV and Blu-Ray/DVD is also narrowed, reducing the need for volume adjustment between devices.

Conventional auto-volume processes were simple to implement, but they had weak performance and noticeable artifacts. This is especially true of one- or two-band processes with short attack-time and extremely long release-time, which exhibit noticeable breathing and instability.

Eilex Auto-Volume is a three-band compressor based high-performance auto-volume. Normally, compressor-based AGC (Automatic Gain Control) or DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) has a relatively larger process size which prohibits application to consumer products. By optimizing the process to mere 20MIPS, Eilex Auto-Volume’s process is small enough for implementation in consumer products.

Eilex Auto-Volume consists of the Eilex XERO “Acoustic Power Density Equalization” process and the 3-band compressor-based Auto-Volume process. It is essential to have a flat acoustic power frequency response of the system, as in the natural world, when applying Auto-Volume. XERO equalization helps to achieve ideal acoustic power frequency response.

Eilex Auto-Volume lets users to watch programs at a consistent volume level by automatically reducing the loud sound and boosting the soft sound, without frequently adjusting the volume control.

Eilex Auto-Volume is effective for increasing the maximum volume level of small audio systems where louder sound is desired, such as personal audio and laptop PC, even if sacrificing some dynamic range.