Eilex Remastered Album among Top Ranked Music in e-Onkyo Store

Eilex Remastered Album among Top Ranked Music in e-Onkyo Store

Naxos’ Hi-Res classical album “The First Selection” has been ranked as one of the top downloaded albums in the e-Onkyo music store for the first half of 2017. Ranked at number one for the most downloads in the classical music category, and number three in the store overall. This album’s popularity has been extended by Eilex’ HD Remaster process.

The album was originally recorded at 96 KHz (24-bit). Thanks to Eilex HD Remaster, “The First Selection” is now enjoyed at 192 KHz (available in both 24- and 32-bit).

Eilex HD Remaster is, of course, much more than just upsampling. Upsampling provides canvas space for increased detail in sound, but an intelligent and thoughtful process is required in order to fill in this area. Based on knowledge about how sound behaves in the real world, Eilex HD Remaster creates meaningful data which bears relation to the recorded audio signal.

Eilex’ remastered material has more than just the polished texture we have come to expect from HD audio. In “The First Selection” it can be clearly heard how Eilex HD Remaster improves the expression and nuance of each instrument, as well as the acoustic characteristics of the venue. Yet at no point is the result too harsh or exaggerated; the remastered sound is very natural.