Eilex PRISM SoundSpace

2-Channel 3D Sound

  • Proprietary SHM (Spherical Head Model)(1) Modeling
  • Proprietary XTC (Crosstalk Cancellation)(2) Process
  • Natural 3D Sound
  • True to the Original Sound Image and Presence
  • Solid and Steady Dialogue
  • For TV, Laptops, PC Monitors, Mobile Phones

Eilex PRISM SoundSpace is a 2-channel 3D sound process, which consists of Eilex PRISM™ APVD (Acoustic Power Volume Density) equalization technology and Eilex’ proprietary 3D Sound process. It produces a natural 3D sound image and comfortable ambience through a typical 2-ch TV sound system or stereo system. (Note: Eilex PRISM SoundSpace constructs the frontal 3D sound stage. It is not a surround process.)

Today’s thinner, design-oriented TVs have poor acoustics which result in poor sound performance if left uncorrected. Eilex PRISM greatly improves sound quality, while the 3D sound process recovers lost ambience and presence. (Note: See Eilex PRISM white paper for more details of PRISM technology.)

Eilex PRISM SoundSpace adds psycho-acoustic width, height and depth beyond the limited physical spacing of the L and R speakers. Eilex 3D Sound is a linear process that inherently preserves the correct directionality and musicality of the source material.

The 3D Sound process utilizes proprietary SHM (Spherical Head Model) modeling to provide the best possible 3D effect and audio fidelity to all listeners with different head shapes. SHM is more versatile than HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) which relates to the dummy head used for the measurement.

It is noteworthy that while Eilex 3D Sound widens the stereo image, it keeps monaural sources centered.

Eilex PRISM SoundSpace is compatible with all TV programs including news, drama, movies, music and sports. There is no need to switch sound modes each time the program changes.

Eilex PRISM SoundSpace elevates the sound image to its proper height when speakers are placed below the picture.

Eilex PRISM SoundSpace takes a 2-ch stereo source, unlike virtual surround processes which require digitally connected 5.1-ch signals to operate.