Toshiba REGZA 4K TV employs Eilex PRISM, Focus, SoundSpace, Dialogue and Auto-Volume Technologies

Toshiba’s new 2019 4K TV models Z730X, RZ630X and M530X feature a range of Eilex audio technologies including Eilex PRISM (with VIR Filter), Eilex Focus, Eilex SoundSpace, Eilex Dialogue and Eilex Auto-Volume.

Toshiba REGZA Z730X

Toshiba REGZA Z630X

Toshiba REGZA M530X

An overview of Eilex audio technologies available on select Toshiba 2019 TV models and what they do to improve the sound of these systems:

  • Eilex PRISM® brings the overall sound of these TVs closer to perfection by equalizing their Acoustic Power Volume Density (APVD). Eilex PRISM achieves its outstanding performance by using VIR Filter™.
  • Eilex Focus restores harmonics lost through lossy compression often used in TV content, resulting in richer sound.
  • Eilex PRISM SoundSpace produces a natural, comfortable three-dimensional sound image when used in TVs.
  • Eilex PRISM Dialogue is an important feature of any TV because it improves the intelligibility of speech/dialogue in movies and other programming.
  • Eilex Auto-Volume intelligently maintains the user’s desired volume level, eliminating the need to adjust the volume level when the loudness of the viewing material changes.